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cesarCesar Martinez worked in the Corporate world for over 15 years in the Fashion and Beauty industry and even though he could have easily continued on that path for years to come, he decided to follow his passion and love of animals!!!    He decided that he wanted to be part of a business/industry that would allow him constant contact with what he loves the most in life….   His pets!

Throughout Cesar’s many years of traveling for both personal and business, he constantly struggled with whom should he leave his animals that would give him peace of mind that while he was away they would get the best possible tender loving care.    When he would drop his animals off for a trip, he hoped that they would have fun and loving care while he was away.   His dog Princess, and his cats (Picasso, Melia, Kymani Bonnie and Clyde) are part of his family and he considers them his additional children that after a long day of work, they bring the family so much happiness.    So, after trying several places to board his animals, he really became frustrated that the places were either extremely expensive or it was not a place where he felt the standard of care was any where near what they receive at home.   For several years he dreamed that one day he would have such a place for and princess

In 2010, Cesar decided that it was time to live the dream of a life and career that would bring great happiness !   The bold choice was made to purchase a Dog and Cat boarding facility that was known in the community for a great reputation offering outstanding care along with reasonable prices.   After visiting and reviewing several options, he stumbled upon Park A Pet in Laguna Niguel California.     What Cesar was most impressed with Park A Pet was that it was designed by veterinarians and with this floor plan design he knew that safety, cleanliness would be insured and no stress would be put on towards the pet while they were away from their family.   In 2010,  Cesar took over and he immediately began speaking with pet owners on what they loved about Park A Pet and what improvements could be made that would help enhance the Park A Pet experience.   Today,  Cesar works at Park A Pet full time implementing additions (such as the new Doggy Day Care area, dog training and Grooming) as well as making sure all the same exceptional care for the pets are maintained on a daily basis.

The best pet boarding in Laguna Niguel

If your Pet loves to socialize, Cesar would love to have your pet come over for a firs time free play date. If your pet is more quiet or just likes to be alone and observe other pets, Park A Pet has spacious runs to enjoy and the one on one mile walk.

Come Park your Pet with us and feel great that your pet is in loving hands so that you can enjoy your vacation, have a successful business trip or whatever happens that you would need someone to watch your babies.

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