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Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten is essential to all dog owners and their dogs alike. Along with the “Building Blocks to Better Basics”, puppy kindergarten can help your puppy gain a love for learning new things in the forever-changing world around them. Developing a great working relationship between you and your puppy.

Park A Pet focuses on:

• Socialization
• Desensitization
• Building confidence
• People Manners
• Building Blocks to Better Basics
• Puppy Management Skills
• Dog Body Language and Behavior

These are all key essentials to avoid having your puppy grow up to be overly defensive, under socialized, and fearful.
Puppy Group Classes are for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months who have had at least one series of vaccines. Please call for pricing


Basic Obediencegroup classes

The general benefits from Basic Obedience are developing a great working relationship between you and your dog, on leash group socialization with other dogs; pet parents understanding your dogs body language, training techniques and troubleshooting necessary to train any size dog with any type personality.

Class curriculum consisting of Impulse Control Cue’s Such as:

• Sit
• Stay
• Wait (yes, there is a difference)
• Leave it
• Down

Learning proper entering and exiting , Leashing Up Protocol, and People Manners addressing unwanted jumping and or Mouthy behavior. Training is all positive using no forceful, painful, or intimidation techniques.
Basic Obedience Level 1 is for pups 5 months or older who have had little to no training experience. Please call for pricing


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