paw printPark-a-Pet Training Method

Park-a-Pet Training Method

Here at Park-a-Pet we believe in positive training but realize not everyone knows what this means. One of the biggest misconceptions about positive training is that getting what you want from your dog will require treats for his entire life. This is simply not true, treats are one motivator we can use for training but there are many more such as toys, affection, praise, and life rewards.

Another myth about positive training is that positivity equals permissiveness. Just because we choose not to punish our dog for doing something he has not learned to do correctly yet does not mean we let our dogs just do what they want. Just as with corrective training, there are consequences for bad behavior.

The object of positive training is to create a life long bond with your dog based on love, trust, and mutual respect. Many companies claim to offer positive training without knowing exactly what the goals are with using positive training techniques. The point of using positive techniques is to enable your dog to use his brain to learn the exercises instead of merely repeating exercises over and over until they are learned. This leads to boredom in both dog and owner. Positive training makes learning fun so your dog will want to work for you!

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