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My name is Javier Zavala, and I’ve loved dogs since I was a young boy. My family and friends had lots of dogs and I helped out strays too, by feeding them left overs from my mother’s kitchen. I always knew I would work with dogs when I grew up. At age 20, I got a job at a pet hotel where the manager noticed my natural ability with all the dogs, even the ones that other employees were afraid of. I was so excited when I was asked to attend dog trainer’s school! I passed the course with flying colors, and started giving group and private lessons using the reward-based training and positive reinforcement techniques I had learned. Wanting to know more, I started reading articles and books, watching documentaries, and attending seminars about specialized types of dog training. I became fascinated by the pack mentality and learned how to re-socialize dogs that have problems with aggression or fear. I’m eager to meet you and your dog – let’s put together a training plan that will meet and exceed all your needs!




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