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Our doggy daycare program provides supervised play and socializing in a safe play environment.  Our indoor area is equipped with a special rubberized floor which allows for a more sanitary environment.  Our doggy day care rubber flooring provides a durable, resilient surface for dog play, agility practice or competition while allowing easy clean up for accidents. Anti-fatigue qualities reduce the amount of stress on the dog’s joints, back and muscles as well as protecting the joints of the people playing or working with them.

At our doggy daycare in Laguna Niguel (Orange County) we understand dogs need to exercise and when they do not get enough, their behavior can lead to problems and issues at their homes.  Playing, running and socialization can help a dog as with children, keep their minds and bodies active and help maintain a fit lifestyle.  When your dog gets a lot of excercise it creates a happy home for all.   We make sure at our doggy daycare in Laguna Niguel the days are filled with play, fun, one on one care from our loving attendants.   In addition to excercise and fun, you can also feel confident that your pet will have nap time or rest time so that just as children, they do not become overly tired that could create undesired behavior.


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Doggy Daycare Fun

Dogs are supervised closely, good behavior and manners between the dogs are encouraged, and the environment in which the dogs interact is always highly controlled and managed. We can also provide for your dog’s special needs such as medication and dietary demands.  Your dog can expect a day rich with exercise and attention.

Our goal at My Park A Pet doggy day care in Laguna Niguel is for your dog to have a great time and to feel comfortable.



  • Activities for your dog
  • Supervised Indoor, Group Play
  • Individual Play with Staff
  • Practice of Known Commands
  • Individually Chosen Nap Time-Your dog sleeps when s/he is tired. We do not crate during the day.
  • Socializing with Other Dogs
  • Love and Attention




Play Nice at Doggy Daycare

We will work with your dog, helping them learn how to ‘play nice’.  Feel free to call anytime to check in on your dog. We will let you know how he or she is doing. If your dog is not ready for group play, we can keep them exercised and mentally stimulated during their stay with optional services like Mile walks or one on one playtime.


Exercise at Doggy Daycare

Your dog will get plenty of exercise and socialize with other dogs. As a result, you will have a much happier and fit dog!

During your pet’s stay at our doggie daycare, Laguna Niguel location, safety is our primary concern. Your pet will enjoy a fun, yet structured, day under the constant supervision of our highly trained staff. Our play area is securely contained on all sides and staff members enter and exit with dogs carefully, which prevents escape artists from trying to squeak through. The general public has no access to the dogs at any time.

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Our Doggy Daycare in Laguna Niguel is the Answer!

Most dogs spend their days bored and lonely. By the time you get home from your busy day, your dog is a ball of energy! They’ve spent all day just waiting for you to come home. Meanwhile, you need to make dinner, help the kids with homework, and maybe even get some relaxation time in after a long day.

My Park A Pet Doggy daycare in Laguna Niguel is the answer! Drop your dog off and let him/her spend the day socializing with other dogs, interacting with our well-trained staff, running around and burning off plenty of pent-up energy. At the end of the day, you’ll pick-up a happy (and tired) pooch.

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I’ve been taking Dakota (chow/sheepherder mix) to Doggy Day Care and I am very happy. Dakota get’s anxiously happy whenever we\’re driving on the freeway because she thinks I’m taking her to Doggy Day Care. Thank you Cesar!